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7 reliable visual content

Have you tried to apply visual content the proper way in your blog?

Applying visual content to your blog helps readers to understand what you are trying to say to them.

Apart from that;

It helps your readers to visualise your content.

But the question still stands.

Can you apply visual content to your blog post or while writing your blog post.

In this article you will learn about;

  1. The importance and how effective is visual content to your blog post.
  2. Type of visual content.
  3. How and when to apply visual content while writing your blog post.

What Is Visual Content All About?

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From the three articles am going to mention, define visual content in their own way which are;

According to WriterSprout, from his article;

“3 Ways To Create Great Content Without Writing Anyone“, define visible content as;

Creating or giving information that gives value in a visual way.

Visual Content WriterSprout

Looking at Backlinko’s article;

Which talk about visual content, defined visual content as;

Online content that primary image based. Just as it is on the screenshot below.

Visual Content Backlinko

From Big Brand System article;

Which discuss about, “What is visual content marketing“, define visual content as;

Using images to convey information that has value to an engaging audience.

visual content big brand system

From the three are articles, you’ve come to understand what visual content is all about.So;

If these three articles talk about visual content, that means it has importance.

So the question right is;

Why is it important?

Why Is Visual Content So Important

Apart from being important;

Visual content has grown in value than text based content;

visual content with image vs without image

That shows that people respond to image based content than text based content.

Just like the bar chart below;

visual content brands prefer video content

It shows that for brands, they prefer video content.

In terms of social media, visual content is so effective

The reason is that;

  • They are more engaging
  • It is more persuasive
  • visual content get more shares like and rate
  • People respond to it than text content

In terms of content marketing, visual content;

  • It make content easy to recall
  • Make long content easy to understand
  • It boost engagement

importance of visuals content

People can remember what they watch rather than what they read or hear.

You can view more infographic image concerning visual content from;

Type Of Visual Content

There are 8 visual content I am going to discuss with you right now.

They are;

  1. Images
  2. Banners
  3. Statistics And Data Collections
  4. Videos
  5. Infographic
  6. Screenshot
  7. Presentation
  8. Memes

1) Images

A content body full of text, will decline readers from reading your content.

But a content body mix with visuals will make readers read.

visual content image text

But look at it this way;

From the article found from Columbia Educational Journalism, It said that;

“The first thing a reader sees when he opens a newspaper is the photos”.

That means they are “the first entry point of a reader”.

The article also says that;

“Busy people scan newspapers, surveying photos, headlines and cutlines to decide if they want to commit more time to reqading the story that interests them”.

That proof that;

Photos are thus an important decision making point.

They are more important than paragraphs in a normal story.

Visual content makes complex text content simple.

Like the GIF image below that shows you a cat and a dog fighting.

visual content fighting animals

So with the help of the GIF image, there is no need to explain what that image is all about.

2) Banners

Banners are very important especially when applied to your blog post.

It lets the reader know what you want them to do.

It’s like the Call To Action box or button you use in your blog post.

Sometimes it is used as an invitation.

Letting your readers to join your;

  • Coarse
  • Webinars
  • Subscription

Apart from that;

It can be used for commercial purposes like buying;

  • Product
  • Service
  • Ebooks
  • Softwares And Applications
  • Goods

3) Statistics And Data Collections

Statistics and data collections make statistics citations more simple to explain.

Like you want to describe the type of content that has the most shares in the blog sphere.

Just use data like the one below;

visual content Shares by Content Type

The image alone explains more on the type of content that has the most shares.

Just with the help of the bar chart.

Another one is this one below;

visual content blogger publishing frequency

Which describes, how frequently bloggers do publish their blog posts during the past years.

4) Videos

A lot of people do respond to video posts.

Mostly in social media.

Videos are mostly used as problem solvers.

It is especially used to describe a product to the audience.

Apart from that;

According to Jodis Harris

She views video content as a powerful storytelling medium.

Due to the emotional resonant combination of sound and visual, video content drives deeper and more satisfying relationships to your brand and your audience.

There are other types of video content you can view from 3 Ways To Create Great Content Without Writing Anyone.

5) Infographic

Infographic is a visual content that involves a bar chart and pie chart.

But they can also be used as powerful tools for learning and teaching.

Just like the one below;

visual content social media strategy

Another is about QuickSprout infographic content that discuss about;

“How to get the first 1000 subscribers on your blog.

How to get 1000 subscribers to your blog using visual content

6) Screenshot

Screenshot helps to serve as a proof or to support your content.

Sometimes it is us to quote or cite a text from a post by screenshot the text.

If you look at the beginning of this post it discuss about;

What is visual content all about

You will find screenshot like the ones below;

Visual Content WriterSprout

Visual Content Backlinko

visual content big brand system

Sometimes you might want to explain complex formulas.

Screenshot can help like when you want explain quadratic equations formula;

visual content quadratic formula

7) Memes

Memes are images that come with captions.

They are images that have a meaning but the caption can create a different meaning.

The image below has a different meaning.

While the caption give a different one

visual content warning sign

Memes can be used to strike positive emotions to your audience.

Where To Apply Visual Content

There are places in your content you can apply visual content that will look effective.

They are;

  1. Before blog post
  2. In the body
  3. After headings

1) Before Blog Post

Most blogs do have images before or after their post post title.

Visual content before post content

While others do place their image in the middle of their post introduction.

If your introduction arouses interest, readers will read.


Have it is n mind that;

There are two things a reader will look for in a post, which are;

  1. Headline
  2. Image

Image is very powerful.

If your image is attractive, readers will want to make the decision to look for more images in your post before deciding to read.

Try as much as possible to put an image before or after your post title.

Or you can place it before post content

2) In The Body

Placing images in the body of your content helps readers to understand what the content is all about.

visual content in the body

Images in the body post help in supporting your content.

Sometimes you are explaining something and you want your readers to get the full picture of it, you can use the image after the expiration.

Image in body content helps readers to visualise complex explanations.

3) After Headings

Not all bloggers or publishers do place images after headings in their post.

Visual content after headings

It helps your readers to follow up in reading your content.

Sometimes when readers do skim your article, the image below will attract them to see the headings and read it.

It keeps them to stay on your article.

It doesn’t matter how long they are going to skim your article, but they will read it.


Trying to apply the 7 reliable visual content in your blog post, you will see benefit.

When readers read your content due to being attracted to the images, they will likely make comments to your post.

You will see an increase in page spend time.

Conversation rate will increase.

I encourage you to to apply what you learn from this when writing your post.

PLEASE: Help me share this content to your friends, social media, blogs and forums, if you feel it’s interesting. Thanks

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