Traffic Secrets Book Review

Today I am going to review with you about the ebook, “Traffic Secrets Review Ebook“.

Have you tried or considered acquiring the secret of free website traffic?

That is what I am about to review for you right now.

Controlling traffic is the holy grail for any profitable business.

Traffic Secret Ebook is a guided formula that helps you to create attention every product needs to drive.

Traffic is the fuel for every business.

The strategies inside this Traffic Secrets book review are evergreen, accurate, reliable and approved.

As far as it concerns selling to humans on this planet, the strategy for traffic secrets review will never change.

From this Ebook, you will are going to learn about;

  • The Dream 100
  • How To Work Your Way In
  • How To Buy Your Way In
  • Building Your Platform
  • Growth Hacking
  • Plus Much More

Let’s begin with the author of the Traffic Secret Ebook…

Traffic Secrets Review E-Book Author

The writer and author of the book..

Traffic Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Filling Your Websites And Funnels With Your Dream Customers is…

Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson traffic secrets review  2
Russell Brunson traffic secrets review  1

  Brunson is an American, born March 08, 1980.

He is an author and an entrepreneur.

It’s said that Russell Brunson has built over one million followers over the past 19 years.

Sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books.

If you have interest in reading the full story about Russell Brunson…,

Russell Brunson traffic secrets review

You can find it at;

He is also the founder ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnel traffic secrets review

ClickFunnels was built based on the concept of Sales Funnels.

Which is used to help thousands of entrepreneurs convert visitors into leads and then customers.

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Summary Of Major Points

Am going to summarize the major points of this e-book with you.

This e-book…

TRAFFIC SECRET – The Underground Playbook For Filling Your Websites And Funnels With Your Dream Customers.

It has 3 sections.

Which are;

  1. SECTION ONE: Your Dream Customer
  2. SECTION TWO: Fill Your Funnel
  3. SECTION THREE: Growth Hacking

That’s what I am going to discuss with you.

SECTION ONE: Your Dream Customer

This section…, 

“Your dream customers”..,

It covers a lot in the aspect of getting your dream customers.

Something about this section is that…

Thousands of entrepreneurs fail.

Do you know why?

Here is the answer..,

The biggest problem entrepreneurs or business people have is..

Getting their future customers to discover that they even exist.

This is why..

People who put all their focus in creating something amazing…,

Without focusing on getting people to actually see what they created they are bound to fail.

This is why thousands of businesses fail due to not understanding the one essential part.

Which is…

The art and science of getting traffic (people) to find you”.

So in this section, there are 7 traffic secrets review you are going to learn.

The 7 traffic secrets review will help you on how to get your dream customers.

The 7 Secret are:

  1. Who Is Your Dream Customer?
  2. Where Are They Hiding? The Dream 100
  3. Hook, Story, Offer And The Attractive Character
  4. Work Your Way In, Buy Your Way In
  5. Traffic That You Own
  6. Follow Up Funnels
  7. Infiltrating The Dream 100

The next section I am going to talk about is…

Fill your funnel

SECTION TWO: Fill Your Funnel 

This section is much more like…

Where do your dream customers congregate?

Though there is more to that.

This section, “Fill your funnel”…

It will help to see the tactics of how to fill your funnel with your dream customers.

Mostly, using the four platform which is;

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Google
  4. YouTube

The strategy and tactics you will learn from each platform..,

And the framework to get traffic from each of this platform is like..,

Teaching a man how to fish.

You are going to learn the pattern and see it’s practical application throughout the platform network.

These sections will help you to master the framework that you will need.

Especially to fill the funnel of your dream customers.

There are 8 traffic secrets review that will be covered in this section.

Which is;

  1. Fill Your Funnel Organically (Working For Your Way In)
  2. Fill Your Funnel With Paid Ads (Buying Your Way In)
  3. Instagram traffic secrets review
  4. Facebook traffic secrets review
  5. Google traffic secrets review
  6. YouTube traffic secrets review
  7. After The Slaps And The Snaps
  8. Conversation Domination

The next section you are about to read is…

Growth Hacking “.

SECTION THREE: Growth Hacking 

This section discusses the early days of getting traffic.

Those were the days without social media existence.

At then…

A lot of companies face a Google penalty.

That is…

Being slapped and crippled.

Do you know why?

It’s because they were trying all kinds of strategies to get traffic.

And that strategy is called;

Growth Hacking”.

Which was known as Black  Hat at then.

They built all kinds of link farms in order to rank at all costs.

They figure out ways to deliver email past spam boxes to subscribers inbox.

They created cloak pages to trick search engines.

Making search engine spiders to think that..,

These pages are perfectly optimized for search engines.

But when real people come in..,

They see a different squeeze page.

A page optimized for conversation.

At then..,

Growth Hacking was like;

“Life and death”.

Growth Hacking of early days…,

People do call them;

  • Spammers
  • Scammers

Though they did not know what to call it.

So they call it;

  • Internal Marketing

That was the early days of Growth hacking.

Today, you will learn about the most powerful White Hat Growth Hacking technique that is still useful today.

It contains 5 traffic secrets review which are..

  1. The Funnel Hub
  2. Other People’s Distribution Channel
  3. Your Affiliate Army
  4. Cold Traffic
  5. Other Growth Hacks

What I Like About This Traffic Secrets Review E-Book

I have read this E-Book (Traffic Secret).

There are parts in this E-Book that interest me.

Which is..


This part is like the TV or Radio Advertising interruption.

Or a break in the program.

When a TV or Radio program is going on.

The interruption will come up.

Applying that in your blog post will help to create a funnel.


There are two types of traffic building which are…

  1. Traffic That You Own 
  2. Traffic That You Don’t Own

The list you own is the list you build.

Whish is email list or Spreadsheet list.

The list you don’t own are list based on social media like;

  • Facebook page/group
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Quora

What I Don’t  Like About This Traffic Secrets Review E-Book

The other part I discovered is…


The E-Book discuss about getting traffic from network like;

  • Facebook traffic
  • Twitter traffic
  • Instagram traffic
  • YouTube traffic

But, it doesn’t discuss other network like;

  • Twitter traffic
  • Pinterest traffic
  • Quora traffic

This is the part that you won’t get from the e-book.


Am not trying to discourage you from reading the e-book.

The e-book is not up to date.

But, let me tell you something…,

There is more in this E-Book, than the update version aspects.

All the practices in this E-Book are White Hat SEO Practice.

It has help me to improve on my;

  • List building
  • Traffic building 


I recommend this E-Book..

  • If you want to fill your funnel with your dream customers.
  • Mostly, if you want to build your Dream 100 of the people that are already congregating your dream customers on their platform.
  • If you are figuring ways to serve your dream 100 and start working your way in.
  • If you want to learn the tactics on how to buy your way on any platform.


You can get your own copy of this e-book by completing the form below.

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