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link building for dummies

Links building for dummies.

What do you think is the best practice for dummies in terms of link building?

Imagine you have an establishment, you want the establishment to be well known. 


To do that, you have to meet the top establishment or cooperative. 

Introduce your establishment and partner with them. Doing that will help your new establishment to be well known by others.

That is how link building looks like.

You have been hearing about this term called link building, though you don’t have the full understanding of link building.

There is something about link building;

Apart from driving traffic to your blog, it gives you connectivity, search engine presence.

link building connectivity

There are a lot of benefits when you start to practice how to use link strategies in your blog to connect with other bloggers.

What if I tell you that link building or links strategies is not that hard or something to be scary.

It sounds obvious, right?

Though you might have tried link building it and still find it difficult. 

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Wishing someone should have done it for you, while you are at the front of your laptop watching the links flowing in.

Achieving link building may not turn out to be as you thought. Well, it had to do with following a simple step.

When it comes to link building, what do the word stands for?

link building image of two building

 the definition of link building from two source:

  • Word Stream refers to link building as the process of getting an external page to link to a page on your website.
  • Moz definition link building as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

In the world of blogging, bloggers view link building as the most important skill needed for SEO.

From those two definitions, acquiring hyperlinks or external pages to your website, help in promoting your website.

Doing that has to do with securing hyperlinks to your page.

Before you begin applying link building to your website, ask yourself these question:

Why Link Building?

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Why Link Building?



LINK BUILDING: Best Practice For Dummies
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