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Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is another important part for business and marketing.

But what does it mean to get to know your audience?

A lot of people do discuss about this subject;

“What does it mean to get to know your audience?”

From social medias and forums, you can find answers to those questions.

But the problem is that, some people still can’t get it or understand by the word know your audience.

They keep asking that question;

How can i get readers to read my content?

How can i get target visitors to my content in other to earn an income?

“1000 untargeted visitors is not the same as 100 target visitors…”

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout

Publishing your content to everyone, hit no one.

Know Your Audience And Target Them

But when you target specific audience with your content the result will be amazing.

And it will look as if you are using content to persuade or attract your audience.

Knowing your audience can make you to target specific audience.

With that, you can earn incomes.

How will you make incomes, increase traffic, increase conversion rate and reduce bounce rate when you don’t know the meaning of the word;

know your audience”.

Know Your Audience Meaning

Business Dictionary view audience as the people or market segment at whom an advertising message or campaign is been aimed at.

(Image of people listening)

From Business Dictionary, the key to success is aiming your message or campaign to your audience expectation.

Know Your Audience Who Are They

At this point the question still remain unsolved.

Knowing your audience, what does it mean?

That word know your audience, thought you must’ve been hearing people talking a lot about it.

To know your audience means to know those who is in your audience.

To know their general preferences, and how to relate to them.

According to Barnabas, that advice;

Know your audience, it’s like a saga advice.

It’s also nearly useless.

It’s such an open ended piece of counsel that all meaning has escaped.

According to Barnabas, if that advice “Know your audience” has meaning, how do you do it?

From his article, it involves;

  • Getting to know if you have an audience
  • Knowing who the prospective audience is
  • Try to determine what the audience wants and need to hear.

When it come to knowing your audience, there are some big questions you need to consider.

Take a look at this article from Say Lord Otorg, thought it’s from GitHub site.

But it list out the big questions you need to consider when it come to knowing your audience.

Reading and meditating on those questions, will help you to know what it means when it come to the word;

Know your audience.

After knowing your audience, how do you communicate with them?

Know Your Audience When Communicating

Know Your Audience When Communicating

“You can’t persuade your listeners if you don’t know much about them…totalxommunicator.com.”

Knowing your audience can help you to shape your message to their understanding.

Apart from that; your

What Doea It Means To Know Your Audience

You will be able to communicate to them in a way that will convince them, making them to take action.

Another interesting part is;

They will change their attitude and beliefs toward your message.

The most important part about knowing your audience and communicating to them is;

You will be able to know the style of communication that is more effective to them.

“You will need to address your listeners at the level of their existing knowledge…totalcommunicator.com.”

Before you will need to address your audience to their level of existing knowledge, you will need to do audience analysis.

From University Of Pittsburgh;

Audience analysis involves identifying the audience and adapting a speech to their interest, level of understanding, attitude and beliefs.

One thing about audience analysis is;

“It will help to discover information that you can use to build common ground between you and the member of your audience…

From Lumen Learning.

There are important points about the important of audience analysis which can be found at Lumen Learning Course.

This points involves

  • Audience
  • Analysing your audience
  • Audience centred

Though those points are more explain.

To analyse your audience, you need to consider this factors from University Of Pittsburgh.

You can read this article;

Tips to know your target audience when communicating with an organisation

You can also use other ways to know your audience when communicating.

Monitor Readers Engagement At Social Media

Millions of people or one third of the world are now using and registering to social media each year.

Know Your Audience Social Media

There are lots of brands, groups, pages, lists, connection, pin boards and lot more on social media like;

According to Meerkerk, engaging with your audience is quite challenging.

But there are ways you can use to monitor your readers engagement on social media.

From Meerkerk, article, he discuss much more on:

  • Use your social media data to create personas
  • Implement emotional trigger into your content creation strategy
  • Build social proof into your marketing
  • Make it visual

Apart from monitoring your readers engagement from social media, there is another aspect of knowing your audience from social media you should know.

It is the article writing by Alla Bogdan.

The article is all about 10 ways to find your audience on social media.

But there is another part of the article that’s more interesting.

It mostly focus on ways you can use to monitor your readers engagement.

Only if you apply them.

Those ways are:

  • Engage post
  • Ask questions
  • Motivate with visual quote
  • Educational post
  • Promotion content
  • Curate content

This list will only work if you create a well balanced content plan.

Monitor Readers Engagement At Forums

Something about knowing your audience through forum is that:

When you find the forum that consist of audience you want to target, you need to prepare yourself.

What I mean is;

You need to take the journey of initiating yourself into the forum community.

Do you know why?

know Your Audience Why

Forum is the most rich and largest target environment you can use to market your product.

If you want to come up with your market product or what you are selling;

You can get banned faster than you think.

So don’t spam.

To monitor readers engagement, you need to figure out what your target audience need or where they do share their information.

Look at what Liz (Courter) Osegeura say;

“Community forums are one of the best (and most commonly overlooked) channels that provides marketers with an invaluable, and often free, pool of queries and topic of interest.”

By Liz (Courter) Osegeura

The article;

How to use community forums to fuel your audience engagement strategy discuss some point about;

How to monitor your readers engagement when communicating with your audience.

You need to consider this point if you want to monitor your readers engagement through forums;

  • Questions
  • Common misunderstanding
  • Recurring words/phrase
  • Opinion about your brand
  • Opinion about your competitors
  • Influencers

Another thing you should know about forum is;

  • Resist the temptation of marketing your sales or products first
  • Avoid spamming

Why Is It Important To Know Your Audience When Writing

Look at this scenario;

You go to pick a movie in which the title seem interested from a movie shop.

lnow Your Audience A Man Watching A Movie

You begin to watch the movie from your video player.

Within the next few minutes, you begin to feel your environment forcing you to stand up and leave.

But due to the caption and screenshot from the movie pack, you feel like waiting for the next few minutes for the interesting part of the movie.

All of a sudden, you release the dog from its cage, “I can’t watch this movie anyone.”

Do you know why it’s like that?

Here’s is why;

It’s because the movie is not meant for you.

Not only that;

You are not the target audience for that movie.

The movie is the content and you are the audience.

If your content does not resonant or interest your audience, what do you think will happen?

Know Your Audience Leave

You will see that your audience will leave.

So for your audience to read your content, you need to know your audience when writing.

That is what I will discuss right now.

What To Do In Other To Know Your Audience

From the scenario above, you come to see that you need to know your audience when writing.

So how will you go about it?

I mean;

What will you do in other to know your audience?

Here are what to do;

  • Create a customer persona
  • Conduct surveys

Create A Customer Persona

Another key to the that server as the Centre of any marketing strategy is:

Know your audience.

The creating of customer personas does not means that you have to create each personas for each customers.


Customers personas or profile personas is a root profile that involves creating one data to represent many data’s.

You will have to create one person profile personas that you will use to represent all those readers that love a specific post.

You should look at this the complete actionable guide to marketing personas.

know Your Audience Marketing Persona Template

It is the basic marketing personas template, that have additional personas information specific to your customers.

You can also use it to create marketing personas.

It also gives you step by step guide on how to fill out marketing personas templates.

But if you feel like using an online tools to create your customers or audience profile personas, you should try;

Conduct Surveys

Know Your Audience Conduct Surveys

If you look at this article;

3 Ways To Create Great Content Without Writing Anyone.

From that article;

Conducting surveys in other to know your audience helpful.

And that will help you to know who is your audience and what they want.

But, there is something more interesting about conducting survey;

You will be able to write content that appeal to them.

Do you want to know how to use survey to know your audience?

Know Your Audience Survey

The article, 19 Easy Ways To Survey Your Audience And Crush It With Content has those strategy you can use to know your audience through survey.


From the article, getting to know your audience is an important part for business and marketing.

Apart from that;

In other to know your audience, it involves knowing them when writing and communicating.

Most especially social media and forums.

Apart from that;

The article mention what you must do in other to know your audience.

If you are serious about business and marketing or content marketing, you should learn more about knowing your audience.

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