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importance of keyword research in seo

You might be wondering or interested to know why keyword research is so important in seo.

But apart from that;

Keyword planning really matter a lot.

Before then;

Here is a question I view some weeks ago;

“Why is Keyword planning so important in seo”, from a forum discussion.

But what about you?

Do you think you can benefit from key search volume in terms of seo?

But before then;

Let me show how other experts view keyword planning.

Rachel Leist from HubSpot view keyword research as;

Not only as a way of finding words in search terms.

But as a way of analysing how people actually use search terms in search engines.

What she meant is that;

The insight you get from these actual search terms, can help you in content strategy, and your marketing strategy.

An article from, view keyword planning as;

The activity of analyzing and finding a list of valuable keywords for the purpose of SEO Copywriting.

According to the article, what that mean is that;

The keyword or search terms usually become a guide for the direction of your content and marketing strategy.

Look at Micheal Heijmans about how he view researching keywords in seo;

He views key phrase research as an aim to find the keyword your audience uses when they’re looking for a product or service you offer.

In other words;

He was actually saying that;

Without keywords, you will find yourself lost in your own lingo and battling giants in your industry that can’t be beaten in a search results page.

This article from seo marketing world, view keyword research as;

The phase or words on your website which matches up to customers online web search.

That shows that;

Key search words is used to find out what your customers are searching for online, and then lead them from search results to your page.

So that is how some experts view key search phrases.

Do you think you can benefit from keyword research in terms of seo?

Let’s discuss why keyword research is important in seo.

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Why Is Keyword Research So Important In SEO?

keyword research


Keyword research has some important roles to play in terms of seo.


But before then, according to Reliablesoft and Moz;

Search engine optimization helps to Increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

Apart from that;

It gives exposure to your brand through search results.

But one thing for sure is that;

Users are likely to click mostly the first page from search engine results.

That means;

You need to be on the top position of the 1st page of search engine suggestions.

So you need to use that as an advantage in other to bring users to your store or website.

Since you know seo is important in achieving your goals, you will also need to know how keyword research is important in seo.

Let’s discuss why keyword research is important in seo.

Content Writing

content writing

In terms of content writing, especially when writing content to attract an audience.

As you keep on writing, you will realise that key search word is more than just using seo to write content.

With keyword research, it will help you know your audience so well.

Because if you know them well, you will be able to know the exact words to write in other to grab their attention and make them read and listen.

When readers read your content or view your post title or post description from seo, it will make them feel this is the answer to their problems.

They will come to realise that;

You know what is in their mind.

This content marketing tools will help you to plan, write and analyse content in one place (Affiliate Link).

Apart from that, it will help you improve in your content writing.


Have it in mind that;

You need to keep key focus words in mind first before writing content.

Because keywords help you to write content to target traffic from seo.

Competitors Analysis

keyword analysis

According to Neil Patel, keyword research in terms of competitors Analysis helps a lot.

In that;

It helps you to evaluate how the top ranking fares when it comes to seo including their specific keywords.

Everyone want to be competitive by;

  • Not falling behind.
  • Wanting to know what is working for others that they do not know.
  • Finding out why their competitors are outstanding them with keyword.

Another important of keyword research for SEO in terms competitors analysis is that;

Using competitors analysis helps you to see the insight and strategies others are using.

This competitors overview report tools;

Unveil your competitors marketing secret (Affiliate Link);

It will help you understand your competitor’s digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

With that you can use that to improve in other to be at the first page of search engine results.

Keyword Analysis

keyword analysis

Keyword research in terms of key search analysis or overview.

It helps alot when using the results for seo.

Search Volume: This aspect shows you a particular key phase that has numbers of search results during the month.

With that you can use that to prepare your content marketing strategy.

SEO Difficulty: This shows you how competitive a key phase is estimated in organic search.

The higher a key phase appears, the more competitive it is.

Paid Difficulty: This part shows how competitive a key search rank is in paid search.

Cost Per Click (CPC): When a key phase has value in seo, that means someone has made a higher bidding for that key search word to appear as Ads in seo.


From the conclusion of this article, you’ve come to see how keyword research is important in seo.

Mostly in the 3 aspects I mentioned above.

I encourage you to take advantage of keyword research as a strategy in other to be at the top position of search engine optimization results.

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Why Is Keyword Research So Important In SEO?
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