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INTERNAL LINKS; Essential Guide For Dummies

What makes you think you know what Internal links is all about?

Today, we will be discussing…, “INTERNAL LINKS; An Essential Guide For Dummies”.

You see…

Internal link has great benefits for…

  • Website owners
  • Audience
  • SEO

It has helped my audience to discover pages that They have not viewed.

It helps search engines to see that Page B and Page C is relevant to Page A during site crawling.

I was able to see improvement in my analytics on old pages due to internal links.

So the internal link has great benefits.

This is what you will learn as you read through this article.

What You Will Learn

  1. What Internal link is all about
  2. The importance of internal link
  3. How to use it to your advantage

The next paragraph will discuss more on this…

What Does Internal Links Means?

Do you want to know what internal link means?

Let me explain what it means before giving you the definition.

Internal is like the image above…

You get into the entrance from the top to the sitting room.

From your left, there is an access hall that links to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom links to the bathroom and wardrobe.

Back to the sitting room from the access hall.

From the sitting room, it links to the other two bathrooms from a small lobby.

The lobby connects the two bedrooms and links it to the wardrobe and bathroom.

The summary of this scenario is that…

The sitting serves as the central page or pillar page.

The bedrooms serve relevant pages to the sitting room.

The wardrobe and bathroom serve as cluster pages or relevant pages to the bedrooms.

The access hall and lobby link you back to the sitting room.

Internal links are like that.

Take you from one main page to pages relevant to the main page and back to the main page.

Here is the definition.


An internal link is a hyperlink that links from one webpage to another page on the same domain or website.

This other page can be…

  • Resource (statistics, freebies etc)
  • Document (pdf, doc, ppt, xls etc)
  • Media Content (infographic, image, videos etc)
  • Relevant pages

This hyperlink is of two types of which is…

  • Internal link
  • External link

But the question still stands.

Do you know what that question is?

What is an external link and how is it different from Internal link?

How Does Internal Links Different From External Links?

There are differences between these two.

Internal Link

This type of link happens within the inside.

Internal links and anchor text

What I mean is…

It keeps your readers on your website by redirecting them to other relevant pages in your website.

Internal link in the html code looks like this…

<a href="http://www.mydomain.com/">Link to a page in your websitest</a>

External Link

External link is the opposite of internal link.

External links and anchor text

It’s like taking someone outside to a different place.

It redirects your readers from your page to a different page outside your website.

In other words, it builds credibility.

This is what an external link in html code looks like…

<a href="http://www.someonedomain.com">Link to a different websites</a>

Back to the internal link.

There are two main examples of internal links which are…

  1. Image link
  2. Anchor link

What Is An Example Of Internal Link

At the very moment…

The example of an internal link we are going to talk about are…

  1. Image link
  2. Anchor link

Image Link

An image link is a kind of internal link that…

When a visitor clicks an image, the image will redirect the visitor to another page like…

  • Resource
  • Subscription form
  • Course enrollment form
  • Freebies
  • Relevant pages
  • Document

To truly get the best out of image link…,

You need to get an image that is relevant to the source that you want to redirect your visitors to.

Anchor Link

Anchor link is another kind of internal link or hyperlink.

In other words…

You can call it;

  • Contextual link
  • Inline link

It is used to redirect visitors from one page to another page in the same website.

Though it works the way image links do.

The difference is that…, it uses text to act as Internal link.

While image link uses image to act as Internal link.

Why Are Internal Links Important?

Internal links are important.

To get to know how important an internal link is, we will discuss it in two ways, which is…

  1. Internal link for users
  2. Internal link for SEO

Internal Link For User

Internal links direct users to easily navigate your site.

It helps them to find information by guiding them to where they will see what they want.

Apart from that…

It serves as a backup claim to the information your readers are reading from your site.

In that…

It leads your readers to a webpage that is related or has more information to what they have read.

YOU CAN ALSO READ: 11 untold benefits of internal linking (with real life examples)

Internal Links For SEO

It improves your site’s crawlability.

Because when spiders crawl your webpage…

They will crawl those links to see how related they are to the initial page.

With that, they can determine how to index and rank your page.

It also helps Google to know the keyword you want to rank for.

Type Of Internal Links

There are six types of internal links that we will consider which are…

  1. Navigation
  2. Footer
  3. Sidebar
  4. Contextual/Inline
  5. Related Post
  6. Comments Section 

Navigation Link

One thing about the navigation link is that…

It’s very useful for all websites.


It allows visitors to easily find information from your site.

Navigation menu can be easily seen on any site.

Because…, it is across all parts of your site.

You can learn more about website navigation by reading The essential guide to website navigation (type and top examples).


Footer is also important to any website just as how navigation is important to any website.

Footers can be found at the button of any website.

It usually contains Internal and external links.

What you will mostly find in any common footers are…

  1. Home
  2. Contact
  3. About
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Terms and conditions
  6. Sitemap
  7. Disclaimer

If you are thinking on how to use a footer to boost your seo…, You can view Matthew Woodward article How to use footer link to boost your seo.


This section is usually found from the right hand or left hand side of a website.

Usually contain links like…

  • Popular posts
  • Recent posts
  • Recent comments


The contextual or inline link is usually found in between or in line with the sentence.

Anchor text

It uses anchor text as a link.

You can use plugins like “inline related posts“.

Such links are called contextual or inline links.

Related Post

Most related posts are usually found at the bottom or the end of a content post.

Related Post

Sometimes you will see it in-between paragraphs.

Majority do put it at the end of their content post.

Comments Section

You will see this in the comment section.

Comments section

Which is used to support your comments as backup.


This is how we’ve come to the conclusion of this article…

INTERNAL LINK; An Essential Guide For Dummies.

You have come to learn about how important is internal link for SEO and users.

You have also learned about…

What Internal link is all about and how it’s different from external link.

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