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HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST FAST Without Being Stressed

Do you know how to write a blog post fast without being stressed?

The thing there is that…

A lot of people do ask that question.


“How can I increase my writing speed?”

How To Write A Blog Post Faster A Man Wondering

But let me tell you something…,

Increasing your writing speed will help you to write your blog post fast.

The reason for this article is to help you increase and keep up with your writing speed.

Writing a blog post applies to sector of industries like;

  • Freelance writing service
  • Content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Writing review
  • Blogging

Those are the views I can list.

In this article…,

Am going to cover a lot, so that you can learn;

  • Why this topic matters
  • How you can go about with this topic
  • Suggestions that will help you with this topic

I want you to know that…, this article content Affiliate Link. By clicking on it, I get a little commission from it. And that will motivate me to keep on writing more articles like this for you to read


Let’s look at it this way, by splitting it in two like;

  • What a blog post all about?
  • What is writing?

What a blog post is all about?

A blog post is a discussion or information published on a world wide web.

How To Write A Blog Post Structure
Click to enlarge image

It contain content in form of;

  • Videos
  • Text
  • Images
  • Infographic

What is writing

Writing involves the representation of a language with symbols.

It is a means of rendering language with symbols into human communication.

From this definition…,

You can see that writing a blog post is a medium of human communication in the word wide web.

But the question still stands.


It really matters a lot.

Take a look at this…,

Like in terms of;

1) Pulling Organic Traffic From Search Engines

Looking at search engine optimisation, you will come to see that…,

The more you frequently update your blog post, the chance you have of pulling organic traffic from search engines.

What that means is that…,

As you keep on writing your blog post regularly, there will be a chance that your post will appear on search engines.

Write Blog Post Frequently

But there is something I want you to know about which is…,

Longer article take time to create and that means…,

Longer articles take days to complete and publish.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t pull organic traffic from search engines.

But Brain Dean from Backlinko has also proved that longer articles can pull organic traffic from search engines.

Writing Long Blog Post

So this is why I said;

“Writing a blog post truly matters”.

2) Readers Keep Coming Back For More To Read

If you write a blog post that is conversational and actually interest readers…,

They will likely make comments.

They will save pages of your article or bookmark your article in their browser for future reading.

Apart from that;

Readers will share and sometimes subscribe to your blog.

As for me…

Most at times, I usually do that.

Especially if the article or blog post is too informative and conversational.

So why this matters is that;

It proves that you are more informed with the topic.

3) You Become Well Established As An Authority To Your Niche

Yes that is true.

Let me tell you how…

If you decide to write well detail content based on you audience request or understanding…,

It will prove to them that you have knowledge about what they truly want.

Do you know what that means?

They will begin to look at you as someone who has an authority with what you are doing.


You have now established yourself as an authority in your niche.

Let’s discuss why we are here in this article in the first place.


I will be discussing with you the 8 steps that you can use to write your blog post fast without being stressed.

But before I begin, let me list them out to you.

Why I decide to do that is…, so that you will be able to follow up and understand what I am discussing.

These are the 8 step that we will be discussing;

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Decide on which blog post template you are going to use
  • Make an outline
  • Do research and gather materials
  • Create and divide your outline in part and milestone
  • Use Pomodoro and Stay Focus apps
  • Begin with your write ups
  • Do checklist, editing and proofreading

1; Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming ideas is not that difficult as some people do say.

How To Write A Blog Post Faster Brainstorm Ideas

Maybe they don’t have the ideas on how to brainstorm ideas.

Or it may be tha…,

They are taking it the wrong way.

As for me…,

I usually use three methods when I am brainstorming ideas.

Those methods are;

  • Keyword Magic Tool (Affiliate Link)
  • Google Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Shitter

Keyword Tools

Before you decide to brainstorm ideas, I recommend you use Keyword Tools.

The reason for that is to help you check the Keyword Overview.

Take a look this article…

Why is keyword research so important in SEO?

There is a part in the article (Keyword Analysis) that talks about why use keyword tools.

How To Write A Blog Post Semrush

Using keyword tools when brainstorming ideas help you to know about;

  • Search Volume: These aspects show you the particular keyword that has numbers of search volume during the month. With that you can prepare your content marketing strategy.
  • SEO Difficulty: This shows you how competitive a keyword is estimated in search engines. The higher a keyword appears, the more competitive it is.
  • Paid Difficulty: This part shows you how competitive a keyword rank in paid search.
  • Cost Per Click: When a keyword has value in SEO, that means someone has Made a higher bid for that keyword to appear as ads in SEO.

Knowing this, you can decide what keyword you need to use in your content.

Pick a keyword and view it with keyword tools.

Right now…,

The keyword for this article is ;

How to write a blog post“.

I use Semrush (Affiliate Link) to get the overview of that keyword.

How To Write A Blog Post Using Semrush

Doing that help me to view details for that keyword like;

  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Competitive
  • Global search

After that…,

I use Google Suggestion Tool to view the keyword in alphabetical categories.

Google Suggestion Tool

Google Suggestion Tool gives you searcher’s intent.

How To Write A Blog Post Using Google Suggestion Tools

It displays keywords that human input in search engines bin others to find or see information.

It can display keywords in alphabetic order.

But the problem with Google Suggestion Tool is that…,

It doesn’t display more options for that keyword you intend to use.

So this is where I bring in keyword shitter.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword shitter is one of my favourite tools.

How To Write A Blog Post KeywordShitter

Though there are other tools that can display more options for a certain keyword you intend to use.

Do you know why I decided to call in Keyword Shitter?


Why do I call it my favourite tool?

Here is the reason…,

It deeply narrows down keywords.

Though Google Keyword Tool and other premium keyword tools can do that, but unlike keyword shitter…,

Showing Interest On How To Write A Blog Post

It shut out keywords from a parent keyword.

For example…,

Type the word…,

How to write a blog post in keyword shitter and click the button in order to suit out the keyword.

How To Write A Blog Post Using Keyword Shitter

You will be surprised by what you will see.

You should also watch the video below;

6 Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

2; Decide On Which Blog Post Template To Use

Having a blog template helps a lot.

Do you know why?

Let me explain…,

I want you to imagine this…,

You are told to prepare a meal that is not known to you with all the ingredients to be used in the recipe.

How To Write A Blog Post Recipe

You are also given a recipe guide for the meal that will guide you to guide you on how to prepare the meal.

Do you think that, because the meal is unfamiliar to you, you won’t be able to cook it the way it’s supposed to be?

Even though you are with the recipe guide?

How To Write A Blog Post Not True

Absolutely not.

With the recipe guide, you can succeed in preparing the meal.

Blog post templates are similar to that.

It’s like having a content framework that guides you on how you want content to look like.

If you can’t or don’t know how to create your own Content Framework or Blog Post Template..,

I have a blog post template that I have been using which I want you to have at;

Sometimes, picking a template is all about;

  • How you want the content to look like
  • Your content title
  • You audience needs

3; Create An Outline

I don’t know if you are familiar with the word…, “Table Of Content“?

How To Write A Blog Post Final Outline

If you have read some blog post, you will discover something in the post…,

Table of contents.

If you have read a book, you will see the Content Table or Table Of Content.

You will see that…,

All the chapters, content and pages, all rhymes according to the table of contents.

That is how an outline looks.

When making an outline, is like…,

Making a list for shopping.

People make shopping lists so that they will not shop what is outside or not on the list.


Making an outline will guide you to stay focus when writing your content

You won’t be able to lose focus or divert your content to things that aren’t important or irrelevant to your content.

You can also watch the video below;

Making An Outline

Writing A Topic Outline

Below is the outline I use for this article.

How To Write A Blog Post Final Outline 1

4) Do Research And Gather Materials

By the way…

How To Write A Blog Post Doing Research

What is research?

Here is what I found from a booklet…

“It is a careful search for information about a particular matter”. __Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education By JW

What that mean is that…

It requires the application of the principles of study.

Which can include;

  • Reading
  • Interviewing people

Apart from that…

You can enrich your materials with;

  • Statistics
  • Quote and citation
  • Images
    • Screenshot
    • Infographic
  • Links

Doing all this, is a way of making your research fit materials.

Not only that…

It can touch the lives of your audience or readers.

Do you know why?


The article you want to write to your audience may seem obvious.

How To Write A Blog Post Audience

But due to research and gathering of materials, it becomes more informative and motivating.

5) Create And Divide Your Outline In Parts And Milestones

How will you do this?

Let’s start by looking what milestones is all about…

Brett Harned from his article…,

How To Use Milestones In Project Management, defined milestones as…,

“A milestone is a marker in a project that signifies a change in stage in development”.

What he meant is that…

A milestone acts like a signal post through the course of your project, helping to ensure that you stay on track.

Another definition about milestones I found is from Wrike.

This article, What Is Milestone In Project Management?

It define it as…

“A milestone is a specific point within a project life cycle to measure the progress toward the ultimate goal”.

What that mean is…,

Milestones is a signal post for a project start to end date.

The reason why I bring this up, is to let you know…,

How to write content without being burnout or stressed by dividing your outline in parts and creating milestones.

If you expand the screenshot below, you will sample how to divide the outline of this article.

When you divide your outline in parts…

It helps you to write your article in an easy way.

So to do that…

Make milestones by dividing your outline and setting a start to end date of when you will complete your milestones.

Doing that…

You will discover that you are able to complete your blog post fast without being stressed.

As for me…

What I do is to create as many milestones I want.

Here is example of milestone;

Milestones 1 (Monday -Tuesday)

  • Keyword research
  • Gathering of materials
  • Create an outline

Milestones 2 (Wednesday – Thursday)

Milestone 3 (Friday – Saturday)

  • Write the other part of the content body
  • Write conclusion
  • Insert multi media (images, screenshot, infographic and videos)

Milestone 4 (Sunday)

  • Proofreading And Editing
  • Do checklist
  • Publish the content

That is an example of how milestones look like.

But you can make yours in order to suit you.

6) Pomodoro Timer And Stay Focus App

If you want to stay focused and avoid distraction, I highly recommend these two apps.

They help a lot.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is an app that helps you to stay focused when writing and doing other activities.

Pomodoro Timer

All you need to do is create a project and set up the timer.

Like the screenshot above is the setup I personalised for all my projects.

  • Pomodoro Length; Is 25 minute. It let me write my article for 25 minute.
  • Shirt Break Length; After the 25 minute, the app will notify me to take a short break for 5 minute.
  • Long Break After; This part is set to 4 Pomodoro Length. Which is 25 x 4 = 100. That means, I will be working for 1hr, 40min.
  • Long Break Length; At the end of each Long Break After or Pomodoros, the app will notify me to take a Long Break Length of 15 minute.

The app helps you to stay focused when writing content of any length like 1500+ words and above.

It can be used for freelance writing service.

Especially when changing your client based on hourly rate.

Bamidele Onibalusi, a freelance writer and founder of Writers In Charge Blog talks about his experience with Pomodoro Timer.

Bamidele Onibalusi

He was able to write 5000+ words in less than a week with the help of the app (Pomodoro Timer).

You can download this app from Google Play Store.

Stay Focused App

This is another that can help you stay focused.

Stay Focused

Unlike the Pomodoro Timer App, this one is different.

It helps you avoid distraction.

Stay Focused App Frontend

Take A Break: This part helps you to take a break from your phone by setting the time period.

Though at this point…

You can to select the application you want to access when Take A Break is blocking you.

Modes: the modes are divided into three sections;

  1. Normal Mode
  2. Lock Mode
  3. Strict Mode
Stay Focused App Frontend

With these two apps…

You will be able to write a blog post without being stressed.

7) Begin With Your Write Ups

At this point…

This is where you will do your writing.

Usually a blog post , article or content do have three part;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Call to action


Get people attention and tell them what information they are going to get if they keep reading.


Deliver on the promise you made from your introduction


Summarize and bring everything back to your main point.

Call to action

Tell people what they need to do next.

8) Do Editing And Proofreading

I highly recommend…

Don’t edit and proofread your content during writing.

Do you know why?

Writing first and editing later, do you what it does to a writer?

It will help a writer to have the motive to keep writing.


When a writer is faced with a blank page.

But there is a way…,

You can edit your writing without having to become an editor.

You can use this online tools…

Or, you can download this EBook…

Download This E-Book Free & Improve Your Writing Today


This is you come to the conclusion of this article…

HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST FAST Without Being Stressed.

From the article…

You’ve come to realise the benefits of what I just discussed that has to deal with…

How to write a blog post without being stressed using the following below;

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Decide on which blog post template to use
  • Create an outline
  • Do research and gather materials
  • Create and divide your outline in parts and milestones
  • Pomodoro Timer And Stay Focused App
  • Begin with your write ups
  • Do editing and proofreading

I encourage you to use this guide.


When you want to write your next content.

But there is another reason why I said that…

Apart from writing your blog post without being stressed…

It will also help you to write your content whether you are in the mood or not in the mood.

NOTE: I will be grateful if you share or Pin this article on Pinterest.

How To Writer A Blog Post Fast Without Being Stressed Pinterest

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