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Is it possible to create great content without writing anyone?The answer to that question is:

It is possible.

If that is possible, then the question you should be asking yourself is:

How can I create great content without writing anyone?

That is the theme for our discussion today.

One of the difficult part about writing great content is, having the time to write one.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing the content for blog post, email list, social media and lot more.

To some people, sitting down to write such great content can be daunting, inconvenient or it can become burdensome for them.

You might think that great content are for great writers.

Thinking like that, might make you to develop the feeling that you are not a great writer.

That will make you to view great content as a heavy task to accomplish.

But, must you be a great writer in order to write a compelling content that interest and engage your readers?


You don’t have be one in order to write it all.

Another challenge about creating great content, is creating content that appeal to readers.

As a content writer, you must go beyond writing or creating content.

Here is what Neil Patel said:
Your content need to accomplish two goals:-

  1. Appeal to end user. Eg client, customers, prospect, readers etc.
  2. Solve particular problem.

How can you create a content without writing one?

You can achieve that using any of this method.

  1. Video Content
  2. Visual Content
  3. Polls and surveys

Type Of Great Content

As I earlier said, you don’t have to be a great writer in other to write great compelling content.

You can do that using this method to write great content.

Video Content

When it come to video content, this has to do with using images and audio together to communicated messages to your target audience.

Apart from the definition I just define about video content, there are other definition and view about video content which can be interested.

Jodis Harris view video content as a powerful story telling medium.

According to her, video emotionally resonant combination of sound, motion and visual, which drive deeper and more satisfying relationship to your brand and your audience.


Taking advantage of video in your content is like the game of thrones movies.

Looking at the statistic, you will discover that:

The amount of time people spend in watching and engaging on video content are increasing yearly.


Video gives more impact and understanding in terms of product description.


90% of users say, “Seeing video product is helpful in decision making.

One thing about video, is the value it has.


Another thing about video content is how often people watch video online and how information is been shared to audience.



In terms of universal search result, video has 41% click through rate than plain text.


You can also check more video statistic and facts about video content by Tom Pick from his article 25 tantalizing content marketing facts and stats.

When you are trying to produce video content, or deciding to use video content in your blog, you should consider looking at the type of video you should produce.

Before creating a video, you should consider this type of video:

  1. Sales letter video
  2. Testimonial video
  3. Product description video
  4. Instructional video

Sales Letter Video:

Here is what I found from Lewis Showes blog post:

“I’m in love with Video Sales Letter“.


Do you know why?

The reason is that, he view video sales letter, as something which do few great thing better than normal sales letter.

Great things like:

  1. Get your message across better than text or audio
  2. Educate your target audience more visually
  3. Build trust and connection with your potential customers
  4. Convert better than normal sales letter

Natasha Zolotareva on her article give an advice on how to boost your video sales letter conversion.

You have to be smart at picking the strategical places on your website where it will impact your conversion the most

She also list out and discuss much more from her article Video Sales Letter: 3 Ideas To Boost Conversion based on the three places, in which you can put your video sales letter in other to boost your conversion.

Which are:

  • landing page
  • Sales page
  • Thank you page

There is much more to read on video sales letter like, why is video so important for ecommercial?, written by Richard Lazazzera.

If you are thinking of how to write video sales letter, you can also try Big Jim script formula.

Testimonial Video:

Testimonial video is becoming a powerful video for content marketing.

It give client full satisfaction on what they want.

Comment from testimonial video can be convincing if the comment are legitimate.


Testimonial video are effective this days.

Some of them can be found on home page and landing page.

Customers need proof on product they purchase or after purchase.

Testimonial video provide such great value to customers.

Here is what Jimm Fox said about testimonial video:

“No one really trust you or what you have to say about your company.

But people will listen to other people’s opinion about your company”.

Jimm Fox also went further to simplify his statement:

“If they don’t know you, they are more likely to believe a stranger or bunch of strangers talking about your company, rather than you talking about your company”.

Ryan Klien from his article how to make an effective testimonial video, he talk about some of the most powerful and meaningful testimonial video he has seen and how their flows looks like.

Apart from the value of testimonial video she talk about, Anna Johnansson provide an article name, the importance of testimonial video in content market.

In the article she discuss about 4 tips that will push you to the right direction in making testimonial video.

Another one is the 9 things to considered before you shoot a testimonial video.

Jimm Fox talk about the 3 thing a testimonial video has to accomplish.

He also discuss the 9 things you should consider before beginning testimonial video.

Instructional Video:

People want to learn how to do things.

They will go to video site to watch and learn how to do the things they want.

For example, there was a time I want to learn how to make every MS Word Document page to have different page background colour.

What did I do?

I have to download a video from YouTube site and follow the instruction from the video.

That was how I learn to do the things I wanted to do.


Instructional video is becoming more powerful and easy to create these day.

It is becoming more and more effective in terms of online teaching, converting online class to an engaging learning experience.

But, here is a question found from University Of Kentucky, “why use videos“?

Here are the answer for using instructional videos:

  1. Break down the procedural task
  2. Catalyst for discussion
  3. Develop media literacy skills
  4. Connect concept with real world examples
  5. Encourage critical thinking
  6. Create opportunity for student to master tough concept by watching at their own peace.
  7. Allow more class time for discussion and activities.
  8. Add an experimental component by showing place or phenomena that student could not otherwise see.

Viewing from HUMBER – Center Of teaching And Learning, when using an instructional video, identify one key element that you would like your student to be introduce or a key component that you would like to reinforce.

Then determine what type of video production that will best support the intended learning.

From HUMBER, it list and discuss on the type of video production that will be intended for learning.

The real question is:

How Long Should An Instructional Video Be?

Let’s hear from Susanna Kingenberg, “keeping video short means that we designers have small windows of opportunity to draw the learner in, convey important information, and set up the next task”.

Apart from that she also give out 5 tips for short instructional video and how to use it.

You can also learn more from Educational TV Production (how to make instructional videos) and Micheal Smedshammer, PhD (10 tips for creating effective instructional videos).

Product Description Video:

Meghan Keany Anderson said something about product description video that is interesting.

Especially if you want your video to resonate.

“It should be more than just the product, it should be the product, the solution, the experience, and the large vision of what you are going to build”.

He also discuss what make a good product video and the rules that make up a remarkable product video.

When you are creating video or going into video marketing campaign, what you need is video tools that you to edit, easy to use and that allow to make animate video.

You can found those video at 11 awesome video marketing tools.

Visual Content

Visual content is about creating something, article or sharing information that give value to readers, but in visual way.

Nate Holmes view visual content as content which relate to content marketing.

Before he understand the concept of visual content, he first understand the definition of content marketing from content marketing institute.

With that he define visual content as a content which communicate or compliment the visual information in a visual way.

Here is another statement he said, “I love the ideas of infographic paint on a crave wall communicating the benefit of fire or wheel”.

There type of visual content which can be found at 10 stunning example of visual content marketing discussing more of visual content like:

  • Comic
  • Memes
  • Infographic
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Visual note taking

Apart from that, he discuss more on other type and example of visual content.

Another type of visual content is the one found at 6 type of visual content you need to use in your marketing campaign, which discuss more on:

  • Images
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Infographic
  • Screenshot
  • Presentation

Apart from that he also encourage taking full advantage of visual content.

You can also check 47 visual content marketing statistic you should know in 2017.

Mydee Lasquite also write and emphasis on the benefit of using visual in content marketing.

Here is what she said, “Whitepaper are no longer the secret to inbound marketing success; visual content marketing is becoming the norms”.

She also list out some of the advantages of visual content which is found from Advantages of using visual in your content marketing.

Poll And Survey

There are real difference between poll and survey.


POLL: Poll are use to ask simple question.

With poll, your audience or participant are allow to answer those simple question from the predefined answer you create from you poll.

SURVEY: Survey allow you to ask wide range of question to your audience.

Some of this wide range of question can be:

  • Asking for comment
  • Requesting for emails Asking for name and address

One thing about poll and survey in terms of writing great content is that;

It help you to know your audience and what they want.

Since you’ve already know your audience through poll and survey, you will be able to create content that appeal to them.


With that, you will be able to convert them to leads and customers.

Poll and survey is helpful especially if you to know how your audience view and like your product, service, content etc.

Usually poll and survey were created traditional during the era of web 2.0, but how about modern poll and survey on CMS site?


Tim Soulo list out 17 best online survey and poll apps reviewed from his blog.

Some of the apps are:

  1. Polldaddy
  2. Surveymonkey
  3. Zoomerang
  4. Esurveyspro
  5. Pollcode
  6. Constant Contact
  7. Acepolls
  8. PHPForms
  9. Twllgs
  10. Micropolls
  11. 99polls
  12. Surveygizmo
  13. Freeonlinesurveys
  14. Minefull
  15. Checkbox
  16. Getresponse
  17. Limesurvey

Those online apps make visitor to feel that their opinion is important you, especially when asking for feedback and comment.

This make them to become more reliable.

According to Pam Neely, there are lot of things you can use poll and survey to do in you blog for example, you can use it to:

  • You can use to create content that audience love
  • As content marketing tools

Colleen Jones also describe how to use survey to write effective content marketing.

These has to involve behaviour data like:

  • Who exactly is using or viewing your content
  • How many people perceive your content or your brand
  • What people intended to do when visiting or using your content
  • Decision people made as a result of using your content

She also discuss She also discuss much on where and when to use survey and 3 tip for sophisticated survey.


These is how you’ve reach the conclusion of this article.

From this article, I’ve 3 ways you can create great content without writing anyone and which are:

  1. Video Content
  2. Visual Content
  3. Poll And Survey

I also list out some example of expect who have use these 3 method and their article which can encourage on how to applied these 3 ways in other to write great content.

Am encouraging you to apply these methods when you feel you can’t write great content, or when you want to write content that appeals to your audience.


Will applying these 3 methods help in creating great content?

Why do you said so?


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