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Have you thought of the 3 ways you can use content to attract audience?

Content is King, and great content is what we all wanted in our blog.

Is it not so?

You need content and I need content.

Have you ever ask or think of using content to attract audience in any form?

There are ways you can use content to persuade large audience.

Using this ways, can make you garb or attract your audience.

Sometimes, you might use the third party speech (Expert View Point), this can make your audience start to believe in you, and they will look at you as an authorized expert to your blog post.

You can also use article strategies to pin your audience to your post

But, what is the meaning of that word content?

Content is something that is to be express through some medium like speech and writing or in any form of art.

Content can be delivered to end users or audience through medium like audio, CD’s, book, magazines etc.

Apart from this definition of content I just define, there are other definition of content from other sources in which am going to list out or define.

Business Dictionary view content as both information and communication.

This has to do with the total freshness, readability, relevance and usefulness of the information presented, and in the manner in which the information is presented.

Dictionary.com also give various definition on what content is all about, but here is the most important one;

Content is something that is to be express through some medium like speech, writing or any various art.

The Word Factory has its own definition of content and how it is presented in some channel of form, but here is how they view content;

Content is the presentation of information for a purpose to an audience through a channel in a form

Another amazing part of this definition, is the one written by Lee Odden; What Is Content? Learn From 40+ Definition which is found from TopRank Marketing Blog.

From the definition of content, content can attract any audience when you use content strategy or content type to persuade large audience.

So am going to list and explain those strategy or content type to use to attract audience or persuade large audience.

Grab Audience Attention With Content

Let me give you a scenario.

You heard an email notification from your mobile phone, you open it and saw a webpage headline and click on it to read the post.

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You are attracted to that webpage post through the webpage headline, isn’t it?

All of a sudden, you receive a notification from your facebook.

Facebook page or any of the social media, then you decide to view it and you become attracted to it.

Right now, you are distracted from the webpage post to your social media, isn’t it?

What if you receive a comment notification from your blog for approval?

Will you leave the social media to your blog in other to read and approval it?

If you do that, that means you have been distracted to your blog comment.

That is the problem you and I are facing, which is trying to grab and keep our audience.

To do that, you need something bigger to achieve that.

Having something bigger and more exciting, will show your audiences that you know what you are doing.

Otherwise they will scroll down your article and leave without coming back.

Erin Everhart, a guest writer at Entrepreneur was discussing about 5 ways to capture audience attention and drive content performance.

In her article, she said that;

“For a blog post to really perform the way it suppose to be, you will need to start with engaging your target audience”

But here is the bigger problem she point out;

“With so many marketers play the same space, the battle for consumer attention is only getting fiercer and more high stake”.

So with such competition in the industry of producing article that should perform the way it suppose to be, how can you grab your audience attention?

Here are the answers she gave to that question;

  • You need to establish and legitimize your reputation by collaborating with industrial expert, to produce guest blog post or highlighting positive consumer testimonials or reviews.
  • Get to know each otherr by building a detailed personas of your target audience and this will give you an idea of who exactly you are talking to. This will help you to identify who is coming to your site and why or what are they’re doing.
  • You should surprise people with the unexpected by providing discounts or other incentives – only after someone has engaged with your post.
  • Becoming a little more disruptive, is another great way of sending customers flocking to your post or site.
  • Keeping it data driven, can improve your chance of content success, especially if you combine creative ideas with data driven, insight and recommendation.

Here is what Mike Perkinson from Presentation Xpert said;

“Even the best presentation lose your attention”

Do you know why;

Your brain is fast, your mind drift once you decide the information or presentation is unimportant or uninterested.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to pay attention.

What Mike Perkinson meant is that;

You need to be engaged in other to stay focused.

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So it is the same to your audience.

Though Mike Perkinson also list out 5 tip to grab and hold your audience attention.

  • Surprise, by saying, showing or do something that is shocking or unexpected.
  • Keep your audience guessing by using cognitive dissonance.
  • Try to use storytelling because stories hook audience from the start and try to tie it to your presentation.
  • Ask your audience to participate by involving to do some exercise, try not to tell them everything.

According to Mike Perkinson, he usually use Cognitive Dissonance and Involve to grab and hold his audience.

Looking at Carl Fresen blog post from Content Marketing Institute, he ask a question;

Do you want to engage people’s attention, provide them with useful information and, in the process, change the way they think about your organization?

According to her experience, he is using type of blog post to grab and hold audience attention.

With that, he wrote an article, the 5 type of content that grab for the best content marketing.

Here are the type of blog post she use to grab audience attention;

  • Trend: You can count on us for results that work in your world
  • Meteor: We’ll be there for you if you have problems
  • How To: We care about your success
  • How To Work With: You can trust us to meet your needs
  • Case Studies: We can meet your needs – we have achieved success already

Looking at these type of post, and if use wisely, it can bring great success in grabbing and holding your audience attention.

Pin Your Audience With Content Strategies

How can you pin your audience with content Strategies?

Let me give you an example on how to pin your audience using content strategies.

Imagine, you have a presentation, brand or project to present in a hall full of audience.

Knowing that they are eager to know more about your presentation, brand product or project.

They will ask questions, and you will need to give answer.

For them to know more and keep coming back, you need to develop a means of hooking them to your blog post.

That can be either through your blog or newsletter.

With that, they will hook up to your brand, project or product.

That Is how blog post strategies look like.

Though, there are other views of using blog post strategies to pin your audience. Let me show you some of these views;

Isla Mcketta from Moz was talking about content strategy you can build on in other to pin your audience.

From his article, he was discussing about the three part of blog post

Which are;

Content Today: This strategy has to do with assessing your client using any of the following like personas, competitive analysis, content audit etc.

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Content Onsite: This strategy is use to show your client where your post is taking them to, an how they can get there.

Those way or form in which your client can get to your post are;

  • Landing page
  • Blog
  • Newsletter etc

Content Offsite: This strategy is like content onsite but the form of pin your audience is different, which are: email, social media, packaging, ebook etc.

Justin McGrill from blog.hubspot, give a reason of why marketers need content marketing strategy from his article How To Develop Content Strategy Plan: A Start To Finish.

This is the reason why he said marketers need content marketing strategy;

Content marketing help businesses to prepare and plan for reliable and cost effective sources of website traffic and new leads.

So with content strategy, you will be able to create blog-post or evergreen post that give you steady amount of organic traffic, or tools that will generate leads.

In his article, he also discuss what content strategy is all about and 7 Steps For Creating A Content Marketing Strategy.

Template.net has 12 Content Strategy Templates you can use as guide to your content strategy.

Credit Expert (bloggers) Views

Giving credit to industrial expert or authorized blogger in your blog post can attract your audience to your post.

The reason is that, your audience will find your post more informative to the post they are reading from your blog.

Apart from that, it will give credibility and value to your post, because they will view your post as a resourceful one.

Crediting expert in your post, will make your audience to begin to rely on you.

And that will make them to realize that you know what you are doing.


This is how you come to the conclusion of this article, “3 Ways Content Attract Audience“.

From the article, you’ve learn ways in which you can use in your post to attract audience, and which are;

  • Grab your audience attention
  • Pin your audience with blog post Strategies
  • Credit expert (bloggers) view

This methods has examples and other view point in which you can use to attract audience to you blog post.

So applying this method can help to improve your blog-post for attraction.


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