stop annoying your audience with content

Do you think that your audience are not annoyed with your content writing style?

You will write your article and feel that it’s ok.


From your data analysis;

You discover that;

  • Your page time spent is low.
  • Increase in bounce rate.

Conversion rate low.


Do you know the draw back of this?

It affect your;

  • SEO
  • Post engagement
  • Traffic

In this article;

Am going to discuss with you about few methods you can use.

This method can help you to create article in a way to appeal your audience.

Start Content With The End In Mind

Begin content writing with the end in mind

Starting with the end in mind is absolute necessary.

But come to think of it;

'Do you know what it is to write content without starting with the end in mind?'Click To Tweet

Here is what Carley Sime said;

”You are on a road to nowhere if you don’t have a destination”

content writing journey without destination

A journey without destination is like a goal without achievement.

And that make your goal lot tougher.

So if you want to write content without annoying your audience;

Ask yourself some questions like the ones below;

  • What is the purpose of what am trying to achieve?
  • How valuable or important is this achievement?

Apart from that;

'A journey without destination is like a goal without achievement'Click To Tweet

If you are about to write a content, you can ask yourself;

“What situation are my audience in their industries facing?”

These questions is the backbone of starting with the end in mind.

But the most important thing here is that;

If you don’t have an end goal in mind, you won’t get to your destination.

a man riding to his destination

'If you don’t have an end goal in mind, you won’t get to your destination'Click To Tweet

That means;

When writing content to your audience;

You won’t know if it is successful or failure.

There is a related video below that discuss;

“TIP: Begin with the end in mind” in terms of content marketing.


Feel Free To Your Content Writing

compose your writing

After all that, it is now time to compose your writing.


You can compose your writing by doing the following;

Make Your Content Text Words Personalize To Them

Personalizing your article writing is necessary.

Apart from being necessary;

It is also helpful as a;

  • Blogger
  • Marketer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Writer/Copywriter

The reason is this;

You will be able to write your content in a personalized way.

Deliver it individually to;

  • Target audience
  • Prospect buyers
  • Customers

There are ways you can personalize your content.

They are;

Do Research On Your Target Persona

It’s all about the KYC theory.

know your customers

KYC = Know Your Customers

If you do research on your target personas, this is what you will get;

It will help you to know your customers or audience.


Audience and customers, do play an important role in any marketing strategies.

If you said you want to do research on your target personas;

know your marketing personas


You should know that it involves;

  • Know there names
  • Age
  • Where they came from
  • There interest
  • Where they spend time online
  • Who they follow and interact with

There is a complete guide to marketing personas for beginners from buffer article.

You can also read this related content;

The right way to Personalize your content

Use Visual Content In Your Article

visual content

Visual content has lot, lot and lot to do in your blog post.

Look at the GIF image below and tell me what you think of the image;

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