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You want to learn how to start using content creation link building.

So what do you think about this article?

How can I learn how to use content and link building together?

Everyone wants the best on how to successfully get the best results from using content and link building.

So what do you think?

Is it possible to create great content and at the same time practice link building?

It is not as easy as you think.

But, never mind.

Though this article is not a complete guide on how to use content creation link building.

Below are the objective of this article:

  • It will show you some unique guide on how to use content and link building
  • Tools for creating content
  • Link building tools
  • Content production link building, which one is worth learning

Using content protion link building properly, you can get the result you are looking for.

Though as I earlier said, am not going to give you a complete guide on how to use content and link building.

But I will assist you with resources that can help you on how to use content production link building.

How To Use Using Content Creation Link Building

“Building link with 500 blog posts which only just scrape the surface of a topic, you are probably wasting your time ”__James Brockbank from searchenginejournnal

James Brockbank wrote an article;

An Introduction To Using Big Content For Link Building

James Brockbank was talking about using big content for link building.

There is something he said about Big Content;

Publishers prefer to keep their readers within their own site by not linking to external content.

But what do you think will happen next?

You will found out that they has no choice but to link out to external content because;

The link adds value to the content.

So that is the importance of writing big content for link building.

Apart from that, he also gives 5 lists of what make a big content.

Though the most important part of the list is;

”Without a link, the content doesn’t really make sense”.

Another one Gray Parkinson.

He wrote an article, “4 tips to add value to your content with link building”.

Though the article is more of tips that can help you use link building in your own content marketing plans.

Probably you must have heard of Google algorithm update based on quality content

You must have heard the popular saying content is king and link building is dead.

But the truth is;

In terms of quality content, there is a relationship between content and link building.

So to add value to content with link building, James Brockbank release the article 4 tips to add value to content with link building

You can also read guide on content and link building;

Tools For Creating Content

Since I am dealing with article post, it’s better to show you the tools for creating content.

The tools am going to list right now involves:

  1. Title generators
  2. Articles generators

Title Generators For Content

These title generators are what you can use to create headlines or titles for your blog.

Though I have discussed this title generator from the article, “See What Experts Are Saying About Catchy Headlines For Blogs”.

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But right now, I will be adding one title generator to it.


Content And Link Building Tweak Your Biz
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Tweak your business is a title generator that generates great titles for articles and blog posts.

It is an outstanding title generator that can increase your tweets, Facebook likes, and more visitors traffic by 50% or more.

Type in your keywords and indicate if you want the results to be an action title or generic title or a sentence title

Though the results are categorized into Best, How to, Questions, Lists and Celebrities.


Content And Link Building Coschedule Headline Analyzer
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Coschedule headline analyzer is the no.1 headline analyzer because it creates headlines that drive traffic, shares and search results.

With these headline analyzer, you can;

  • Compelling social messages to drive traffic back to your blog
  • Increasee open rates with subject lines that sell
  • Get more engagement, shares and traffic back to your blog posts with SRO driven and emotional headline


Content And Link Building HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator
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HubSpot is another title generator.

But if you are having the problem of “I don’t know what to write about”, you don’t need to worry about it.

HubSpot has a little secret to help you on that.

What they are trying to do is to let you know that there’s nothing like, “Am running out of blog ideas”.

Fill in the field with your keywords and you will be given blog ideas that you will use throughout the weeks.


Content And Link Building Portent Content Ideas-generator
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Porter’s content ideas generator is another title generator I use to write this article.

These tools help you or guide you on how to write blog article.

You don’t need to be an expert on how to write great content, just follow the guides and you will write good blog post.


Content Creation Link Building Ubersuggest
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This is another title generator I usually use or prefer because it lets you have advanced keywords like long tail keywords.

Apart from that, it lets you have more keyword ideas.

Ubersuggest quickly gives you new keywords that are not available in Google Keywords Planner.

It takes your keywords research to the next level with tons of keywords ideas for SEO, PPC and Content Marketing Campaign.

1. SEOPressor

Content And Link Building Seopressor
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This is a blog title generator built by SEOPressor.

With this title generator, you can get endless suggestions, catchy titles and other creative blogging topics.

All you have to do is, type your keywords and select keywords description.

Those are the title or idea generator for your blog.

Apart from that, there is another article generator which I am going to list out right now.

Article Generators

These are online article generator tools I am going to list to you.

These article generators help in that, if you find it difficult to increase the number of your content, use these article generators.

If you don’t want to write blog article, use this article generator.

All you have to do is copy someone content and paste it in these generators and it will spin that article for you without plagiarism.

Below are the online article generator


Content And Link Building Free Article Spinner
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Free article spinner is an article generator that rephrase, rewrite and paraphrase sentences, paragraphs or whole articles for free.

All you have to do is, copy an article from a blog you admire.

Paste it in this free tool in the input text and click the captcha.

Then click spin text.

You will be amazed at what the output text will look like.


These tools are the most dependable way to win over major search engines.

It’s by loading your site with a continuous flow of unique, readable, useful content.

Such tools like this, give your visitors valuable content to pursue, and give Google more unique readable text to index.


Content And Link Building Article Generator
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Article creator is another online article generator tool you can use.

It is a multi language SEO friendly article generator.

This one is unlike the free article spinner.

All you have to do is, insert your keywords and select your language.

At the Rewrite articles, you can decide to select keep original content or make unique content.

Then select the number of articles and select submit.

These tools will use your keywords to fetch unique articles from various article sources like ; Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It automatically grabs fresh new articles. Blog or news, which then will be rewritten to make them unique and better for SEO.

This tool is completely free, though you may buy their script or access key.


Article Generator
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This tool is almost like an Article Creator, but with some slight or little difference.

Input your keywords and select your search mode, if you want it public or private.

Select what type of language you want and select the number of article you want to rewrite.

Then click generate articles.

One thing about this tools is that:

These tools can be used on any device like phones or tablets and it is 100% mobile friendly.

Tools For Link Building

Look at the link building tools am going to list below;

You can use these tools to find backlinks, influencers, audit your site and much more.

Raven Tools

They are the best SEO tools and white label marketing reports.

This is a 14 day trial link building tool.

With this tools, you can:

  • Site audit
  • Backlink data
  • Automate reports
  • Analysis organic performance of your SEO campaign

They claim that, by using their tools, you can do the following:

Access more than twenty data connectors which includes:

  1. Google analytics
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Search analytics from Google search console
  4. Bing ads
  5. Facebook ads
  6. Twitter
  7. More

Link Research Tools

Link research tools is a real time link protection and search engine optimization platform.

There is something interesting about them:

They help you recover from Google penalties, protect you against future penalties, outgrow competitors and increase traffic through proactive link building.

You don’t need to worry about solving link data puzzles.

With link research tools, you can:

  • Remove a Google penalty fast
  • Build high quality Penguin safe links much faster
  • Monitor new inbound links to any domain
  • Understand and outperform your competition
  • Spot link building spikes that could harm you
  • Recover lost link after a site migration or redesign

With link Research Tools, you don’t need to worry about Google penalties.


Shred is a tool that helps you to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche.

With Shred, you can learn why your competitors are ranking high and what you need to do to outrank them.

Shred can help you to do:

  • Organic search report
  • Keywords explorer
  • Backlink data
  • Content explorer
  • Rank tracker
  • Alert

Advance Link Manager

This is what they will tell you:

Don’t struggle improving link popularity. Let Advance Link Manager help you better manage your link building campaign”.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t struggle improving link popularity. Let Advance Link Manager help you better manage your link building campaign” username=”producttower”]

With Advance Link Manager, you can do:

  • Advance link building management
  • Website optimization for target Keywords
  • Automate reports, backup and updates
  • Add a professional touch to your report
  • Data privacy, enhance security and reliability
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis tools
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An Advanced link manager is a great tool to find relevant link opportunities.

You can also find or read more link building tools from 15 best link building tools

Content Creation And Link Building: Which One Is Worth Learning?

Looking at these two, blog post creation link building, they’re both worth it to learn.

What about you?

Do you have any any words to say about that?

Here is what I mean;

Is content creation and link building which one do you think is worth learning?

Imagine this scenario;

Scenario 1

Green Pasture
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Imagine a pasture when viewed from a distance, it’s green but when you come closer, majority of those pastures you saw a dried pasture.

Scenario 2

A House
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Someone directs you to a building, from the surrounding or environment, it looks attractive and beautiful. But things inside the building don’t worth it like how the surrounding is.

These two scenarios make you disappointed.

Scenario 1, you were hoping to still meet the green pasture you saw from a distance.

Scenario 2, you were hoping the inside view of the building should be like the outside view.

You see, what brings you to this scenario is known as link building, the reason you were disappointed is because it lacks blog post.

So can you still answer that question:

Content creation link building which one is worth learning?

I found this question from Quora, Is content marketing worth it?

Is Content Marketing Worth It
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Creating content, I mean original content has a long way to go with Google and your visitors.

A lot of internet users look for information.

People love content, apart from that it helps your business to grow.

You can use link building methods to bring readers to your blog.

If your blog lacks content or quality blog articles then what is the need of directing people to your blog?

It’s of no use.

No matter how you design your blog, if you lack blog article or quality blog post, your readers will be disappointed and will leave.

How can you persuade or attract an audience when you lack article or quality blog post?

With content, you can increase your web traffic, leads and conversion rate.

Do you know the main purpose of people going to search engines?

They need answers.

So when you provide answers using your content, you will see that they will begin to rely on you for the knowledge you give them.

To know more about the benefits of content, you can read 25 benefits of content marketing & how content can transform your business and 15 benefits of content marketing.


Using content creation link building property can help you to get the results you were looking for.

When you are writing content, try to put external links as a resource to your content.

That link will add value to your content.

Understanding the relationship between article and link building, will help you to be successful or know how to use content with link building the proper way.

Always try to focus on article creation rather than link building.

Those two scenarios will help to know that content is worth learning.

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