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Do you know what experts say about catchy headlines for blogs?

Few people talk a lot about using catchy headlines to write blog titles or headlines.

The issue is that, a lot of don’t use catchy headline to write blog title or headline..,

Because, they don’t know how important it is to use catchy headlines for blogs.

It’s like, “why do i care,” or you hear some people saying “i have heard of it but it doesn’t matter as long as we write and share our content, the traffic will still come”.

Using catchy headlines has a lot to do and has an effect on your readers to your blog.

Would you like to know how effective it is to use catchy headlines for your blogs?

Since you have the interest to know more about catchy headlines for blogs..,


Let’s see what experts are saying regarding this in this article.


By definition from Your Dictionary..,

Using catchy headlines is very important because it brings readers to view your article or advertisement.

Apart from bringing readers to view your article or advertisement..,

Catchy headlines are headlines that include;

  • Thoughts
  • Words

These are designed to catch someone’s eye and get that person interested in reading what follows the headlines.

Blog publishing this year is increasing.

Every single day, millions of people seek information about products and blog posts regularly on the internet.

In a world full of blog posts published every day, how do you get people to read what you write?

Jeff Goins from his article discusses some easy tricks you can use to write catchy headlines.

He said;

“It takes more than good content or design.”

What he meant is…

In a world full of blog posts and articles..,

The most important part of getting people to actually read what you write is the headlines.

That is the most important part. 

People often neglect it when writing blog articles.

Your headlines are the first and perhaps the only impression you make on prospective readers.

Brain Clark on the other hand from his EBook “How To Write Magnetic Headlines“, discusses the benefit of writing a better headline.

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From his EBook he wrote;

“On average, 8 out of 10 will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest”.

The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages…,

And also…

Getting what you’ve written is read by a large percentage of people.

One thing for certain is that…

The importance of writing a headline or catchy headline cannot be understated.

Before writing a headline, let us think like a reader.

What will a reader see when he/she opens, unfolds or views a magazine or newspaper?

It is the photos and headlines.

Columbia Educational  Journalism shows that…

The most important decision making point is the headline…

rPKHu9wEyqi7ss1AcBIGDGXRtG7OKq57MbpTqWuHDj6HaDxMbft6IFB9LQOIAZSpkLvcXGvnXtop2zCkPvZYr7t6ReBXcAGhsbdwWGbERvehA KrwBr1g4M3x V6v8iiV744EzKyTFtLN5M fK5uxmNLAEqOt2ybR7hYRO5RErrM3dqMKc9f0uCqeSaq9BG9Ej W40
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YOU CAN READ; 11 Ways To Write Damn Good Headlines 

And that is why…, they are more important than any normal paragraph in a normal story.

Headlines is the first entry point of a reader.

rPKHu9wEyqi7ss1AcBIGDGXRtG7OKq57MbpTqWuHDj6HaDxMbft6IFB9LQOIAZSpkLvcXGvnXtop2zCkPvZYr7t6ReBXcAGhsbdwWGbERvehA KrwBr1g4M3x V6v8iiV744EzKyTFtLN5M fK5uxmNLAEqOt2ybR7hYRO5RErrM3dqMKc9f0uCqeSaq9BG9Ej W40
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A better headline or catchy headline can make a reader decide if he/she should spend time or continue reading the story that interests him/her.

When writing headline to grab readers attention, there are things we should avoid;

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Neil Petal from his article, “how to write better content for your customers?“, was against using pushy headlines to lure or grab readers attention because it won’t bring a better result.

Apart from pushy headlines won’t bring a better result..,

There is a reason why Neil Petal speaks against that.

From this article that discusses writing headlines that get better results, Neil Petal was encouraged using the 50/50 rule of headlines.

The rule states that, “You should spend half of the whole time you are writing the content on the headline”.

There are over billions of emails and blogs published on a daily basis.

Everyone, including you, wants to grab the reader’s attention to your content.

The only way to get those shares on social networks is to lead your great content with great headlines.

This is the reason Neil Petal was discouraging using Pushy Headline to engage your readers instead of using great headlines to engage your readers.

From the experience of experts, using catchy headlines for our blog or article is absolutely necessary mostly if you want to grab readers attention to your content.

Having heard from experts, how do we write these catchy headlines for blogs?


There are a lot of ways you can write catchy headlines that attract or grab attention.

If you are writing a boring headline, do you know what your readers will think of you?

They will think that your article or content is boring since your headline is boring.

That means the most important part of your presentation is the headline.

There are 91 awesome headline formulas you can use for your blog, this formula is helpful whether you are a professional writer or not.

One thing about this formula is that it can get you confused on how to use it.

To get the best out of this formula, you need to start with “The 5 Principle Of Headlines” written by Ari Sherbill.

The 5 principle are:

  1. Address your specific Audience
  2. Highlight specific Benefit or outcome they desire
  3. Highlight specific Pain they most want to avoid
  4. Create Curiosity
  5. Add Urgency

Apart from this 91 awesome formula for writing headlines, Jeff Goins also revealed 5 easy tricks to use for catchy headlines.

Writing a good catchy headline using Jeff Goins tricks involve:

  • Numbers in your headline
  • Adjectives in headline
  • Unique rationale in headline
  • What, how, what and when
  • Make audacious promises

The most important part of it is the formula he create for writing catchy headline which is:

CATCHY HEADLINE = Number or Trigger Words + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Another useful article that can help you write catchy headlines is the catchy headline template written by Brain Clark.

The template is a complete list of 10 sure fire headline formulas that work.

The headline template helps you to write your headline in a different angle instead of the common (How To and List) headline.

When writing a catchy headline or a better headline, try to put yourself in your readers’ shoes to find their benefit.

Look into their perspective, think about their pain or ask yourself will this article solve their problem or satisfy their need?

Create simple headlines, look for great templates, use power and emotional or trigger words, apply the headline rules either using the 50/50 headline rules or the 80/20 headline rules.

Try to be useful to your readers, providing them with a sense of urgency and be unique when trying to convey ideas that will bring benefit to your readers.

What if you can’t write catchy headlines for blogs using this headline template?

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There are some headline generator tools I will show you.

Most of these tools are very useful.

It does not only generate catchy headlines or titles for blogs, but they will guide you on how to write and stay focused on your headline while writing your blog.

Like the article you are reading now is from one the headline generator am going to list out


Ubersuggest is a headline generator.

image 1
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In general.

But the most important part about Ubersuggest when trying to generate a headline is that…,

It gives you keyword suggestions.

More keywords ideas that are from head terms to long tail phrases.

The other part is the content ideas.

It helps you to know what to write about.

You can improve your content strategy.

With content ideas, you can write content that people will actually read.

So combining these two together, you will be able to Ubersuggest as headline generator.

Portent Title Maker is one of my favorite title generators for my blog.

potent content generator
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It gives your ideas for what to write on your blog especially if you lack what to write.

Portent title maker, guide you on how to write your content based on the title that you desire to use.

HUBSPOT Blog Topic Generator This is part of a famous blog named Hubspot.

hubspot catchy headlines for blogs
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They claim that;

“if you don’t know what to blog about? Let us think of ideas for you”.

If you register with them, you will have a list of blog titles or ideas to start with.

Headline Analyzer: There is a reason why I bring this in, apart from using it as my first headline tool…

Let me say, “It’s the best headline analyzer”.

image 4
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These tools help you to write powerful headlines.

It tells you if your headlines are generic, and it also displays your headline score.

Headlines from this tool are based on your blog industry you choose.

I recommend this headline if you are looking for click through rate or shares.

Awesome Title: is another headline tool which can generate 700 headlines.

image 5
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They claim that they can generate content ideas;

  • Catchy headlines
  • Ads campaign
  • Email subject lines
  • Emotional titles in one click.

Tweet Your Biz here is another headline I found from Shoutmeloud.

It can generate titles for articles and blog posts.

tweet headline generator
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Titles generated from this tool are categories in part like;

  • List
  • How to
  • Question
  • Best
  • Celebrities

Using this tool can increase your tweet, facebook like and visitor traffic by 50% or more.

The headline generator or title generator list above is very helpful.

As I said…

When you want to write catchy headlines for your blog.

Before you embark or decide to write catchy headlines for a blog… 

Let me show you headline preference for genders and overall headlines from the image below.

rPKHu9wEyqi7ss1AcBIGDGXRtG7OKq57MbpTqWuHDj6HaDxMbft6IFB9LQOIAZSpkLvcXGvnXtop2zCkPvZYr7t6ReBXcAGhsbdwWGbERvehA KrwBr1g4M3x V6v8iiV744EzKyTFtLN5M fK5uxmNLAEqOt2ybR7hYRO5RErrM3dqMKc9f0uCqeSaq9BG9Ej W40
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rPKHu9wEyqi7ss1AcBIGDGXRtG7OKq57MbpTqWuHDj6HaDxMbft6IFB9LQOIAZSpkLvcXGvnXtop2zCkPvZYr7t6ReBXcAGhsbdwWGbERvehA KrwBr1g4M3x V6v8iiV744EzKyTFtLN5M fK5uxmNLAEqOt2ybR7hYRO5RErrM3dqMKc9f0uCqeSaq9BG9Ej W40
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Viewing from the overall headline preference, you will see that 36% of people engage more strongly on number headlines than others.

Apart from that, number headlines also resonate stronger among female genders than male.

Since number headline has the highest headline preference, does that mean that you need to focus on number headline throughout your blog?

No, you need to change your headline style or you can try another headline type for your blog.

Let’s see how catchy headlines are for blogs using other headline styles.


Case Study Headline

By definition of case study which is a report of a situation being studied.

Readers also engage in case study articles because a case study headline involves experience, study you have carried out or other people’s success in which you have studied and learned.

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Backlinko is another example of a case study writer.

Who doesn’t want to know how Brain Dean the link building expert increased his search traffic by 110% in 14 days using his Skyscraper Technique.

Your readers want to know how you succeed or what method you learn that helps you to succeed.

You can write your failure or mistake or other people’s experience in which you have used that give a good result.

This can make your readers to be more engage in your blog because you grab their attention using case study catchy headline

If you want to talk about headlines that influence readers, you should talk about case study headlines.

Example of case study headline are:

  1. Case Study: The 3 Step Plan I Use To Drive 58,739 Visitors To My Site (By Neil Patel)
  2. Link Building Case Study: How I Increase My Search Traffic By 110% In 14 Days (By Backlinko)
  3. Zero Link Building Case Study: How I Build A 6 Figure SEO Blog (By Matthew Woodward)

That is example of case study headline

Question headline

One thing about human psychology is that we always want to create a complete picture and questions are the perfect way to dig into that psychology. Do you know why?

Let’s hear from Matthew Woodward , about starting with question from his article seo copywriting hack,

“The reason questions are the perfect way to dig into human psychology is that no matter how often I ask you a question, you will have the subconscious desire to find out what the answer is”.

Question headline aroused the interest of the reader and also guided them down to your page.

When it comes to a question headline, it’s not all about arousing interest, it can inspire curiosity and critical thinking.

There are question headline rules you should keep in mind when writing question headlines and they are called the dos and don’ts of question headlines.

Creating headlines is the most important part of copywriting and when writing headlines, you should not be afraid to put more mental energy into writing your headline.

Apart from those headline styles mentioned above there are other headlines which can be found from 10 Article Headline Examples.


When it comes to writing or saying catchy headlines for blogs, most people ignore or underestimate it without knowing the effect it has on readers.

They forget to know that the entry point of every reader is the headline.

So if you make your headline better or catchy headline, it can make a reader decide if he/she should spend time or continue reading the story that interests him/her.

This shows that the most important decision making point is the headline.

This is how you come to the conclusion of this article.


From the article you’ve just read, what can you say about using catchy headlines for your blogs?

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