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5 Practical Ideas To Improve Your Blog Career
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There are 5 practical ideas to help you improve your blog career.

Today, I am going to discuss that with you.

Though you might have some ideas that you’ve read either from the following:

  • Blog post
  • Videos
  • Others

Reading articles about ways that you can improve your blog career from those bulletins I mentioned above;

You will come to the conclusion that, you know what it take to improve your blog career.

But the question is;

Is that enough to prove to you that you can improve your blog career from those articles you read?

The thing here is that;

It is absolute necessary to try to step up while you are blogging.

The rate of blogging or blog creation this day is growing rapidly.

With that;

You will face challenges along the way.


When you are trying to meet up with your competitors.

I want to let you know that;

I have some ideas that will help you.

It is;

5 Ideas That Will Help You To Improve On Your Blog Career

Am going to discuss with you;

The 5 Ideas That will help you to improve on your blog career.

Improve (Adjust) Your Communication Writing Style

Improve Your Communication Writing Style
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One thing about communication through writing is that;

It is different from vocal communication.

It is easy to persuade audience through vocal communication.

Do you know why?


It involves:

  1. Gesture
  2. Facial expressions
  3. Body language
  4. Eye contact
  5. Voice tonation

Trying to communicate through writing, is entirely different.


It rules out what those things that make vocal communication successful.

Like the bulletins I mentioned above.

So this is why most people find it difficult or hard to persuade audience through written communication.

So the question now is;

Question Now Is
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“How can i improve or adjust my communication writing skill”?

Improve Your Blog Career By Adjusting Your Communication Writing Style

‘How can i improve or adjust my communication writing skill”?

Developing communication skill on your own take time.

But one thing for sure is;

“To improve your communication writing skills, you need to write more”.


You need to practice writing.

According to Writing Skills;

“Writing is a core professional skills that must be learn and continuously improve… By Writing Skills

What he meant is;

The demand for business writing, and production of business report is different from the english learnt at school.

From the article;

Simple strategies for clear written communication;

It discuss more on top tips for improving your writing communication.

To improve your communication writing skills, you need to write more”

But the most interesting part there, is the questions that involves putting your readers first.

Putting Readers First
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The question is;

Carefully give answers to those questions, will help you to improve your communication writing skills.

Here is a question I found from Todd Smith article;

Can you distinguish between the people who take pride in their communication and those who do not”?

So what about you?

Do you take pride in everything you type and write?

Todd Smith article will help you to develop your writing communication skills.


It involves his 14 tips to consider with every message you type.

Apart from that;

It will help you to improve your communication writing skills.

Work On Improving Your Portfolio

Work In Improving Your Portfolio
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When it come to creating or improving your portfolio, something do come to mind.

That is your project work.

So that means;

Portfolio is all about showcasing your work in an archive form.

Which contain your recent work or project.

But is that always true that portfolio is all about showcasing your recent work or project?

Here is what I found from AIGA’s Blog;

“Your portfolio is not the work you did, but the work you are going to do next”

What that means is that;

The project you put in your portfolio, will detect what you will do next or in the future.

For example;

Am a content writer, who have written content on 5 different blogs.

If you open my portfolio and see my past projects, you will come to conclude that;

The next project am going to do will be based on content writing.

So that means that;

Signal Direction
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You have received a signal direction of the type of project I will do in the next future.

So the article from AIGA’s Blog was trying to prove that;

It is not just about only showing the best work that you have.

But it’s about;

Showing the right work that will lead you to your goal in future.


To see how you can set your goal will creating portfolio.

You may ask yourself;

What is my goal, and what do I want to work on next?

You may read this article:-

Start Building Your Brand

Start Building Your Brand
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Improving your blog career while trying to build a brand means;

Trying to establish a district visual identity.

Your brand, if well built, can help you to stand out among your competitors.

So have it in mind that;

Every business needs to build their identity in other to stand out.

So how do you build a brand?

How To Build A Brand While Improving Your Blog Career

Look at the Blueprint found from the fool.com, that discuss about;

“How to build your business brand in 5 step”.

It doesn’t matter if you are a cooperation or freelancer.

Freelancer Career
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All follows some 5 steps when creating a brand.

YOU CAN ALSO READ  4 Blog Elements That You Should Never Resist

Which are;

  • Conduct research
  • Defined the brand
  • Develop the brand components
  • Build a brand strategy
  • Analysis and refined the brand

The blueprint discuss more on that.

Have it in mind;

Building a brand take time and consistency.

And also;

To build a brand require;


You can watch below.

It discuss more on;

How to build your brand, think bigger and develop self awareness


There are other articles that are related to brand building in which I will like you to read;

Go Deep On Data Analytics

Go Deep In Data Analysis
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Trying to meet the needs of your audience without data analytics;

It’s like run on a rotating wheels.

Running In A Wheel
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I call that;

The rat race.

Data analytics help a lot when it come to growing your business.

Do know why?

Take a look at this article from SNP Technologies;

Data analytics can improve your business by helping you;

  1. Defined your ideal customers
  2. Optimize customers engagement
  3. On Marketing optimization and performance
  4. Substantial cost saving
  5. On real time personalization
  6. With market research
  7. While doing competitors analytics

Every business needs solid data in other to keep going.

The reason for that is;

Data analytics give every business, the insight in which the business need.

Insight Of Data Analysis
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With the help of the insight;

A business can able to make the best choice in other to grow and satisfy their customers need.

It also help a business to meet their goals.

You can also read this article;

Using big data to improve business insight.

The article discuss;

  • Some common misconception about using big data
  • Type of data analytics
  • Some common reasons business go for data collection and analytics
  • Most of the common method you should consider when using data analytics
  • How insight data analytics can help you and your business

Improve Your Reputation

Improve Your Reputation
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Mistake is something most people are afraid to do.

It can damage your reputation.

The truth here is;

You can avoid mistake.

Mistake is like failure.

It’s one of the step you can use to make improvement.

Darrah Brustein founder Network Under 40 create a formula regarding online reputation.

Which is;

Your Reputation = Your Action + What Other People Say About You

So that means;

If your actions is poor or not satisfy.

People will talk about it.

And that means;

Your reputation will be a bad one.

So this is why people are afraid of that word;


That shouldn’t be the problem.


There are ways you can use to improve your reputation.

Ways You Can Use To Improve Your Online Reputation

Let’s view some of the ways you can use to improve your online reputation

Use Survey Form To Get Customers Reviews
Use Of Survey Form
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Invite your customers to write a review about your business.

I do use Google forms apps.

But recently;

I started using Survey Monkey.

No doubt;

You will be surprise to view different review about your business.

Sometimes a bad one or good one.

Do you want to know how I use Survey Form to know how to improve my reputation?

The truth is that;


It’s not easy for customers or audience to simply fill your survey.

You just need to make them rely on you.

You can use Website Form survey.

Asking them to give you feedback on how satisfactory is your business or website to them.

I usually send my audience a Suggestion Form.

In other to the type of information or article they will want me to write.

Sometimes I use template;

“How will you feel, if I give you or help you with problem you are struggling with?

Allow me to help you.

Feel free to use the Suggestion Survey Form below”

If I get response from the survey, it will help me to write article that is of best interest or appeal to them.

Not only that;

I will write quality content.

Maintain Or Improve Your Writing Style

I can bet you with that.

The content in a blog, is a reflection of the writer who write or own that blog or content.

One thing for sure is;

Maintaining quality content has effect on your seo.

If you should look at my blog post you will discover that every of my Content has one writing style.

Maintaining quality content in your blog post prove your expertise.

People will talk about your content based on how you write your content.

With that;

Your reputation based on your writing style will increase.

So that means;

If your content is bad, your reputation will be bad.

Use Or Comments On Other Blog Post
Comments On Others Blog Post
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Prosper Noah founder of Tips On Blogging, discuss how he use comments on other blogs to increase his reputation.

He said;

“Quality comments on other blog post increase his traffic and reputation”.

How he do this is;

Reading a blog post can help you make a meaningful comments.

When readers see your meaningful or the quality of your comments;

They will want to know who is this person.

They will likely come to your blog to see more of your articles.

So making or giving quality comments, can improve your reputation.


From the article;

You have come know the 5 Ideas you can use to improve your blog career.

Using the 5 Ideas which are;

  1. Improve your communication writing style
  2. Work on improving your portfolio
  3. Start building your brand
  4. Go deep on data analytics
  5. Improve your reputation

So am appealing to you to apply the 5 bulletins I mentioned in other to improve your blog career.

The reason is this;

If you any of the 5 point, you will get to nowhere.

That means;

You will have problem while trying to improve your blog career.

So apply this in your daily life.

Your can use the comment box if your have anything to share regarding this article.

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