AUDIENCE; How To Know Which Product To Sell

Can I use my audience to figure out which product to sell?

That is a big question, isn’t it?

But how do you feel about it?

Or is it possible to easily identify your audience in other to know the product to sell to them?


When it come to business;

Business create products, and it is market to audience.

Am I right?

There is something I want you to know about:

Marketing is not all about the medium, but it’s all about the relationship.

What that means is that:

You need to build and have relationship with your audience, before you think of marketing your products.

But before then, let me give you a heads up on the various definition of audience.

English Oxford Dictionaries describe audience as the people giving attention to something.

Business Dictionary defined audience as the people or market segment at whom an advertising message or campaign is aimed.

Cambridge Dictionary describe audience as the number of people watching or listening to a particular television or radio programme, reading a particular book, or visiting a particular website describe audience as act of hearing or attending to words or sounds

Now that you’ve known what audience is all about, let me show you what it means to use my audience to know which products to sell.

Assuming you are a Dog lover and love everything about dogs.

You want to market a product about dog care, but don’t know how to go about it, even though you have great ideas about dog care.

What will you do?

Le me help you out:

You need to find a target audience that love dogs or that are dog lovers.

Start a dog care blog with products ideas and see how people will respond.

With that you will know the kind of products people will be willing to buy.

One thing about marketing your products, is the audience first.

You can engage with this audience through social media and blog post.

Create and curate unique content, watch your social media insight and blog post analytics for content that’s popular.

If you do all this, then you are ready to launch your products.

At this point, you will have loyal audience who are familiar with your brand.

But before then, there are something you should consider, and that’s what I will show you.

How Can I Identify My Target Audience

Look at this image from Coschedule by Ben Sailer;

The most important thing about that image is the text there.

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Do you really know your target audience?”

That’s the question Coschedule consider while identifying their target audience.

According to Ben Sailer;

Your audience definition should ideally connect this three things;

  • Your product or service
  • Your main audience demographic
  • Your content mission

You can also use this audience definition by Ben Sailer;

“[INSERT YOUR BRAND] create content to help and inform [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC] so they can [INSERT ACTION] better.”

Ben Sailer also talk about some the tactics Coschedule use in other to identify their target audience;

  • Creating readers personas
  • Conduct users survey regularly
  • Use Google analytics
  • Find your target audience on Facebook with Facebook insight
  • Find your target audience in twitter by connecting to your Twitter followers dashboard
  • Run an annual audience survey
  • Monitor your social media activities
  • Monitor your best and worst content
  • Analysis your competitors Twitter followers

To make it easy when creating readers personas, they use a web based personas creator created by Xtensio.

So that was how they were able to identify their audience.

Another one is Zach Bunick.

Zach Bunick, talk about how to find your target audience.

According to Zack Bunick, your marketing plan is to satisfy and grow your audience.

To that, you need this key questions which are;

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Using that can help you to build your target audience.

Kristen McCormick said some about how to identify your target audience;

“Defining your target audience allows you to efficiently market to the people you know you can impact”.

In other to define your target audience, here are the three steps Kristen McCormick said you can use to define your target audience.

  1. Identify Problems And Needs is the first step in defining your target audience, and your business can be their solutions.
  2. Profile Your Current Customers can help you to see what they have in common, and give you great insight on the type of audience you should target.
  3. Observe Your Competitors by scrolling through their business website, social media feeds, and identify their best selling products or services.

Apart from that, Kristen McCormick also discuss more on Understanding Your Target Audience.

From Kristen McCormick article, identifying your target audience is an essential part of marketing your business.

Where Do My Audience Hangout Online

No matter the kind of business you are running online, always have it in mind that your audience is online.

But the real question is;

Where do my audience hangout online?

People are frequently accessing social media channels, regularly uploading, sharing, commenting and likes.


They also use Google to search for information, products to purchase and services to pay for.

You want this audience in other to give them what they want.

To find out where they hangout, you need data’s to gather information about customers behaviour.

With that you will know where they spend their time on.

Apart from that, if are more interested in discovering the site your target audience do visit, you can use the video transcript from Rand Fishkin.

Rand Fishkin video transcript is a step by step guide on how to discover the site your target audience do visit.

You can also read 5 methods and 15 tools to find your audience and build a community

Should I Follow People Who Are Popular And Influential In My Audience

What make you feel it’s necessary to follow influencers or people who are popular in your audience?

Don’t you think they are the ones to follow you since you have something interesting to over to them?

Though it feels right for them to follow you.

There is something you know about following an influencer or people popular in your audience.

If you at Germin8 Blog, he wrote an article call 5 reasons social media influencers are important.

Influencers are those people who have large online audience.

This influencers can help or destroy your reputation.

They have the potential to increase your popularity.

Influencers has great network.

But there is something about them, which is;

The way they use content to arose audience interest.

Here is what Kimberlee Morrison from ADWEEK DIGITAL said;

“Social Medias are willing to engage with brands, but when it come to decision about what to buy, they place most trust in the word of their friends, families and other social media connection”.

From what Kimberlee Morrison said, can you figure out what that means?

He means that:

Influencers marketing is the rage on all social media now

That is why he wrote that article;

Here’s why influencers marketing is the rage on all social media now

So what your expectation?

Your expectation is that, influencers will become an increasingly important part of digital marketing strategies.

If you want to find out on how to target twitter followers, you can read followers targeting on twitter.

Kristen Matthew from Kissmetric Blog, view influencers as the biggest challenge.

Do you why?

Because it’s hard to catch one

Do you why it’s hard to catch one?

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The reason is that, influencers are wiggling it’s way through the tangled web.

Because of that, you can’t know for certainly how they look like.

Not only that.

Influencers has different images for every brand and for every campaign for a brand.

To help solve on how to follow or find an influencer, Kristen Matthew release a guide called:

The Definitive Guide To Influencers Targeting

What Type Of Posts People In My Audience Like And Share

As a content marketer, your priority is to build your brand to your audience, and also keep the relationship going with your audience making them to keep coming to your brand.

But the problem is how to make them keep coming and love your brand.

So tell me, what do think that can make your audience to keep coming and also love your brand?

The answer to that question is Post.

So to keep them coming and love your brand, you need to post content or articles that your audience will like, share and comment.

Take a look at this article by Neil Patel from Coschedule which discuss about the 6 types of social media content that will give you the greatest value.

In your social media, you want engagement, retweet, likes, shares, comments, followers, fans, members, connections and lot more.

To get all this, you need social media strategies when posting valuable content.

This why Neil Patel bring up that article that discuss the social media content that give you the greatest value.

And this social media content are:

  1. Infographic
  2. Interactive content
  3. Content that evolves strong positive emotion
  4. Content with images
  5. List posts
  6. Newsworthy content

Look at article again by Ben Sailer, you see how to use the 3 tactics for identifying what your audience want to read.

This art of the article show you how you can use Ubersuggest and keywords planner to give audience what they want.

Apart from that, there are others tactics you can also learn.


Building an audience, allow you to do research and test which products people want most.

Consistently creating and curating relevant content, images, videos and audio, can help attract audience.

After you have successfully build your audience, try ask them about which products they want and read.

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AUDIENCE; How To Know Which Product To Sell?
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